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Irizarry & Rodriguez was created with the purpose of providing services as Certified Public Accountants and Business Consultant.

Our firm engages in audits reviews and compilation reports of several industries; our firm also provides taxes and small business services to our clients. The services provided by Irizarry & Rodriguez include the following :
Traditional Services:

Audit, Compilation and Review:

Our traditional audit and accounting services are made more valuable to you because of the personal stockholders' attention and management assistance we incorporate into every engagement. The staff is trained to examine not only the facts and figures, but also, the implications to the company.  It is our intention to identify opportunities, observe trends that might have been overlooked, and discuss with the management the results of our work.

Tax Savings Opportunities:

No matter what your taxable necessity is, whether it's simple or complex, personal or business, we can help you. IRIZARRY, RODRÍGUEZ & CO., PSC has vast experience in dealing with tax laws and its interpretations. We also keep up to date through our continued education programs with the latest developments in each area.

Our tax specialists assist hundreds of businesses and individuals in meeting their tax filing requirements each year. We also serve a large number of other entities including estates, trusts, partnerships, non-profit organizations, and benefit plans. We present to our clients all available alternatives there are in order to receive the deductions and exemptions permitted by law. Returns are computerized for both speed and accuracy, and our internal system of processing returns assures timeliness and efficiency.

Accounting Services:

Emerging companies, developing companies, individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and even larger companies turn to our firm for routine accounting services.

For some clients, we often assume the role of comptroller.  In addition, we provide a number of other services, depending upon the clients’ situation and needs.  Some of the services we provide include:

- Handling the company's system of accounts.

- Preparing the financial statements and reports to management.

- Handling expenditures and collections.

- Preparing accounts receivable, accounts payable, and inventory through our computer system.

- Outsourcing of payroll procedures.

Estate Planning:

You can minimize taxes on your estate.  It takes planning -- detailed, structured, intensive planning.  And we can help. As CPA's, we provide you with the knowledge, vision, and expertise to structure your estate to minimize taxes and maximize distribution.  We work with your goals and your needs.  We take a look at the "big picture" of your estate, consulting with other advisors -- legal, trust, insurance, and investment -- to give you comprehensive, detailed, and most importantly, personal service.

Management Consulting Services:

.Businesses Acquisitions and Mergers:

Our professional staff has vast experience helping our clients to identify and realize businesses’ acquisitions and mergers.  These services are offered through the entire transaction process, including negotiation of purchase price, obtain financing, etc.

.Business Valuation:

Many business owners think that the value of their business is limited to the costs of their assets, or the book value, of the company.  It doesn’t consider the capacity of the business to generate income.  When valuing your business, it is important to have the assurance that the valuation analyst considers all the relevant information and facts so you get the full economic benefit you deserve.

The valuation of a business could be useful for various purposes, such as:

- Partial or total sale of assets or stocks.

- Use of company stocks as collateral.

- Implementation of a compensation  plan for employees.

- Distribution of an inheritance or profits from partnership estates.

- Litigation assistance.

.Forecasts and Projections:

Prospective financial statements are required by management for planning purposes and by credit grantors and underwriters for financing or investment decisions.  Our firm has many years of experience with both kinds of prospective financial statements; projections and forecasts.

When we help you develop projected financial statements, we capture the financial position of your company given one or more hypothetical assumptions.  The projected statements answer the question, "What would happen if...?"

Management Advisory Services:

Business growth does not always equal success. That comes with planning --planning that develops information systems, evaluates and forecasts, improves profitability, and improves organizational responsiveness.  Our management advisory services assist to achieve this goal.

As a full-service certified public accounting firm, we will help you know and examine thoroughly your organization, operations, and finances; your personnel and tax situations; and your data processing and management information system needs.  Using this as a base, we help you put your business on a steady track to success.

Personal Financial Planning:

As a full-service accounting and consulting firm and as CPA’s, we are the logical choice.  Our business is finance, our expertise is in that arena.  From micro to macroeconomics, from taxes to trusts, from investments to loans, from business planning to estate planning.

Our comprehensive knowledge of finances is intrinsic to our firm, and our professionals have proven track records in helping clients understand and take control of their financial affairs.

Litigation Support (local and federal proceedings)

What are the financial facts relevant to a legal claim or case?  Whether the claim involves insurance, contract disputes, valuations, or business interruption, complex litigation often requires the skill, expertise, and experience that only a knowledgeable, full-service certified public accountants and consultants firm can provide.

Members of our firm have had extensive training and experience working with law firms.  They know the needs of lawyers and businesses, and how to bring them together, in ways that enhance litigation strategies.

In the past, we have been engaged as accountants and/or auditors of cases filed under Chapter XI in the Bankruptcy Court, as follows:

- Fajardo Regional Hospital (Accountants to the Creditors’ Committee)

- Hospital San Carlos ( Accountants and Auditors)

- Hospital San Gerardo ( Financial Advisors)

- Caribbean Medical Testing (Auditors)

- Hospital Dr. Pila (Auditors)

- To Assist the Debtor’s in possession, trustee and the legal counsels involved in these case we prepare the following reports:

- Review of interim financial statements

- Forecast and projections

- Analysis of proof of claims

- Liquidation reports

- Review and /or preparation f monthly operating reports (MOR)

- Analysis of Preferential Payments

- Analysis of payment to related companies

Business Planning and Financing

Where do you want your company to be in one, five, or ten years?  How do you plan to get it there?  Where and how will you obtain the financing?

These questions, of course, comprise the backbone of your business plan, but devising a plan is one thing, and financing is another.  We can help you do both.  We have assisted many organizations to develop and implement their business and financial plans.